/ 3M™ DI-NOC™ Architectural Surface Finishes

3M™ DI-NOC™ Trend Line are self-adhesive materials that are designed for interior and exterior decoration, along with refurbishment projects.

The 3M Trend Line compromises of the most popular 80 patterns, including metallics, fabrics, wood, leather, carbon and single colour finishes. The range of finishes are simply breathtaking and allow you to transform a space in a few hours rather than days.

Application of DI-NOC™ self-adhesive products can be done in situ, meaning modifications to surface designs in intricate environments can be done with minimal disruption. Because the film is self-adhesive all you need is a squeegee and a little bit of time to transform a space.

Key Benefits
• Cost savings over traditional remodelling costs.
• Faster to install with minimal preparation, noise and mess.
• Easier to repair damaged film section.
• Fire resistant and IMO certified for peace of mind

/ 3M™ Fasara™ Decorative Window Film

3M™ Fasara™ films are made of thin, durable polyester with a decorative matte surface – perfect for privacy, decorative and architectural applications.


A perfect choice for interior glasses and inside surface of exterior windows, 3M™ Fasara™ films create custom solutions for residential environments – creating a more private ambience or providing a more dynamic aesthetic appearance.

On applying, the films function as permanent solutions, but are easily removable or can be repositioned as and when the need arises or styles change. It requires minimal care – washed with common, non-abrasive cleaning solutions and assures longevity.

The films are created in collaboration with leading designers from across the globe, the new, trendsetting collection will give you even more ways to create stunning visual effects on interior glass surfaces, as well as add privacy and control light into your office environment.



Create amazing spaces and high quality customer experiences at a fraction of the cost.



Replica finishes that are hard to distinguish from the real material.



Textures that enhance, uplift and transform interiors.